An Unintentional Beast.

Groundhog Pelvis. Tulip Bulbs. Groundhog Hip/Spine.

The act of putting something in a jar is about preservation, is about keeping that object around as it is for a long time. I have a collection of glass containers and inside that collection are objects that have been picked up and kept out of sentiment, value, or interest.

Last year, I went to Alvira PA with my aunt and picked up a groundhog skeleton. Between then and now, my attempt at curing the bones failed and it began to grow some very neat looking mold which attached it's self to a bird's nest. The bulbs were from the backyard of my old apartment. While gross in formation, I found the results to be gorgeous.




Pike Place Market Parking. Seattle WA.


Puget Sound Shore.

Rose Petal, Rain Water.

Rose Petal Filled with Rain Water, Gravel. Seattle WA.

Lately, I have been really interested in being very close to things when I photograph them, flattening the space and leaving only a few hints of depth in the images. I have spent so much time in my photographic life taking two or three steps back and to the right. I think being as close as possible to my subject creates new possibilities for images and enables me to explore both new and old places with ideas that I have yet to mull over. I force myself to look closer.



Nadine's Front Porch.

Nadine's Front Porch, Drums PA.




Photobooth, originally located at the Palace Arcarde. Asbury Park NJ.